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What Our Clients have to say

"I cannot thank you and Hal enough for the work you did selling the condo for my dad and I.  I had no idea that things would have ever moved that quickly, not to say that I am not thrilled.  I am so thankful to have met you  as working with you and Hal was a pleasure.  Thank you all again for all of your help and dedication in selling dads property. "  ~ Wendy Kessler

"We cannot thank you enough for working on the sale of our house. You really turned the process around and made it happen. We would probably still be there if it wasn't for your hard work and persistence.

Thanks again." ~ Aisling and Tyler Toby


"It has really been such a wonderful experience to go through the selling of my house and buying of my condo with you. I appreciate your kindness and understanding throughout this process, and please expect an invitation when the work is all done and I am moved into my new beautiful home. I know I am going to be happy there and thank you for helping me find it.

Thanks Again!!" ~ Rosanne


"Jody and Hal were very helpful and answered all our questions thoroughly and in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend using Jody and Hal for the selling of your home and or purchase of your next dream home." ~ Julie Corey and CJ Keene